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“It’s absolutely phenomenal having such peace of mind. Thank you.” – Ronald C. from Decatur, GA

If you live in a dorm or an apartment, a sense of security is important. Sharing a building with hundreds of other people may seem like a safety risk, but our security solutions let you easily secure your dorm or apartment with little effort.

The Right Security for Your Needs

No two dorms or apartments are the same, so our systems can be customized to any size space and individualized to include features from door and window sensors to live video cameras that can stream to a mobile device. Since we know you may move again, our systems are easy to take with you. No nails or difficult setup is necessary; you can just plug it in, and let the system work. If you move, you can pack it up and bring the security system with you with no hassle.

That’s why Ally, a recent University of Illinois graduate who just moved into her first apartment in Chicago, trusts Brinks Home Security to give her some peace of mind. She had some door sensors on her dorm in college to make sure she knew whether anyone was entering or leaving, and added security cameras when she got her own apartment so she could always feel sure her apartment was safe. “It makes a world of difference,” Ally said. “I feel so safe and I know I can take it all with me if I move when my lease is up.”

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More Than Just Security – Complete Control

But what really makes these systems perfect for apartments or dorms is the complete security that comes with the ability to control them from your smartphone or computer. This means that wherever you go, you can have the full range of home automation features with you, including:

  • Control of lights and doors
  • Email or text messages about activity
  • Live video of the apartment or dorm
  • Much more…

And with our customizable solutions, you decide which features you want to ensure that the system fits your personal dorm room or apartment. With all these flexible features and the incredible ease of installation, our home security systems are making peace of mind easier to achieve.