DIY Home Automation

At Brinks Home Security, we strive to provide simple, affordable, personalized, and reliable home security to keep you and your loved ones safe. For many families, a DIY home automation system is a valuable tool to keep complex electronics and various other home systems streamlined, responsive, and intuitive. However, we also find that many customers wonder whether their DIY home automation systems can still interface with the typical security systems on the market. Other customers are looking for home automation DIY systems but find that competitors' systems fail to address their security needs. At Brinks Home Security, we tailor each system to best suit the individual client's needs. That means that for the home automation, DIY, and tech enthusiasts, we can combine the convenience of basic DIY home automation systems with the protection and ease of our signature Brinks Touch and Brinks Complete systems.

The first thing to know about Brinks Home Security is our commitment to your individual needs. Instead of a confusing maze of sensors that only a professional can install, we make home security straightforward to set up and personalize. Plus, we use top-of-the-line equipment to offer the most secure system possible. Our system is simple: First, we work with you to determine the best system layout for your home. Next, we engineer your personally tailored system and ship it to you. From there, you simply plug in the system, setting up sensors in the most critical parts of your home, and continue enjoying full home security.

If you're interested in a DIY home automation system, why not address your security needs at the same time? With Brinks Home Security, you can create a truly “intelligent” home, combining light control, thermostat control, remote door locks, and more into one system. Plus, you don't need technical know-how to benefit from the convenience and security of our integrated systems. Anyone can learn to use our safety-assured online tools and mobile apps for remote home security.

In addition to security, home automation can offer a real boost to the average homeowner's overall quality of life. For example, integrating thermostat control into your mobile devices can help you create a comfortable home right upon arrival after a long period away. Remote light control can supplement a basic security system, letting you switch on the lights to create a “lived-in” sense in a vacant home. If you or a family member has accidentally forgotten a key or needs to remotely let in a neighbor, you can open a home door with the click of a button. If a pet-sitter or cleaner is coming by while you're away, you can monitor their movements by checking when the doors opened and closed.

We focus on customers with high standards who won't settle for anything less than a system that can meet their particular demands. For the flexibility of DIY and the authority of expertise, rely on Brinks Home Security.

Our Commitment to Your Security

  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Personalized
  • Reliable

Everyone deserves to have peace of mind in their own home. We ensure your protection by providing home security that you can be confident in. It’s security that’s simple, affordable, personalized and – most importantly – reliable.

Our security systems are a perfect marriage of these principles, but our commitment doesn’t end there. You can depend on 24/7 professional alarm monitoring that’s there whenever you need it. We’re also proud to deliver award-winning customer care, available via phone, text or chat.

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