Simon XT - Volume and Voice Settings

Follow the steps below to configure the volume and voice settings on the Simon XT panel.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Start with your system in a disarmed state. Press the up or down arrows until you get to System Programming, then press Ok.

Simon_XT_Disarmed.png Simon_XT_System_Programming.png

2. Enter the default installer code 4321, then press Ok to enter the system programming menu, which first displays Access Codes. If this code differs on your system, you can text a Support Representative at 469.513.8685, 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm CT.

Simon_XT_Enter_Code.png Simon_XT_Access_Codes_Main.png

3. Press the down arrow to select Siren Options, then press Ok.

Simon_XT_Access_Codes_1.png Simon_XT_Siren_Options.png

4. Scroll through the following options using the up or down arrows, then press Ok to set.

  • Piezo Beeps sounds during system activity.
  • Simon_XT_Siren_Options_Piezo_Beeps.png

  • Panel Voice announces arming levels, which includes Armed Stay, Armed Away, or System is OK.
  • Simon_XT_Siren_Options_Panel_Voice.png

  • Panel Piezo Alarm determines if panel siren sounds during an alarm.
  • Simon_XT_Siren_Options_Panel_Piezo_Beeps.png

  • Trouble Beeps sounds every minute when there is a trouble condition.
  • Simon_XT_Siren_Options_Trouble_Beeps.png

  • Voice Chime sounds when sensors open. Enter 1 to voice sensor name, 2 for a loud bell, 3 for a softer bell, or press Disarm for the chime to be off.
  • Simon_XT_Siren_Options_Voice_Chime.png

5. Status Beep Volume determines volume level for status beeps. Enter a value between 1 and 10.


6. Speaker Volume sets the volume for voice communications. Enter a value between 1 and 8.


7. Press Status several times to exit.