Simon XT - External Siren Programming

A few hardwired siren are compatible with the Simon XT

  • Interlogix / GE 13-046 Outdoor Siren
  • Interlogix / GE 13-950 Outdoor Siren
  • Interlogix / GE LD105 Indoor Siren
  • ATW Bulldog Indoor Siren
  • ATW Bloodhound Indoor Siren

1. Siren has a black and a red wire. These tie into Simon XT wiring terminals


2. Remove screw on the top of panel


3. Push 2 white tabs on top of panel, and pull front of panel forward


3. Wiring terminals are located on bottom left-hand corner of Simon XT


4. Connect black wire to HW1 terminal, connect red wire to HW1&2 terminal


5. Connect 4.7 K resistor and wires together, follow the instructions below...

A. Twist black wires together and red wires together.

B. Place B-Connector on end of twisted wires and insert resistor in both B-Connectors

C. Squeeze B-Connector with pliers

6. Some changes in Simon XT programming are now required


7. Press Picture25.jpg or Picture26.jpg until SYSTEM PROGRAMMING then press Picture32.jpg

Picture2.png Picture3.jpg Picture4.png

8. Enter Installer Code 4321 (If Monitronics enter 1960, 6529 or 2545)

Picture5.png Picture6.jpg Picture7.png

9. Press Picture28.jpg or Picture29.jpg until SENSORS then press Picture32.jpg

Picture8.png Picture9.jpg Simon_XT_Siren_Options.png

10. Press Picture28.jpg or Picture29.jpg until HW SIREN SUP then press Picture32.jpg then press 1 to enable then Picture32.jpg

Simon_XT_Siren_Options_HW_Siren_Sup.png Picture9.jpg Simon_XT_Siren_Options_HW_Siren_Sup_2.png

11. Press STATUS to exit then press Picture28.jpg or Picture29.jpg until SYSTEM OPTIONS then press Picture32.jpg

Simon_XT_Siren_Options.png Picture9.jpg Simon_XT_System_Options.png

12. Press Picture28.jpg or Picture29.jpg until HW SIREN SUP then press Picture32.jpg, enter 1 then press Picture32.jpg

Simon_XT_System_Options_RF_Jam_Detect.png Picture9.jpg Simon_XT_System_Options_HW1_Function.png

13. Press STATUS several times to exit programming

Simon_XT_System_Options.png Picture9.jpg Picture4.png