Simon XTi - Voice Chime Setup

Voice Chime speaks and sounds a tone when door or window sensor is opened

1. Press the settings gear, then press the down arrow several times until you get to Programming.

Enter_Programming_01_Main.jpg Enter_Programming_02_Settings.jpg

2. Press Enter by Programming, enter the default installer code 4321, then press OK.

Enter_Programming_03_Programming_Enter.jpg Enter_Programming_04_Enter_Code.jpg

3. Press Siren Options then press Voice Chime.

Programming_-_Siren_Options_00.png Programming_-_Siren_Options_01.png

4. Select your preferred sound, press Save to exit, then press Close to exit siren options.

Programming_-_Siren_Options_03.png Programming_-_Siren_Options_04_Exit.png

5. Press Close again to exit programming.

Exit_Programming_01_Exit.jpg Main_Screen.jpg