IQ Panel - Program Entry Exit Delay Time

1.Press the settings icon (wrench) then enter the default installer code 1111.

Enter_Programming_01.png Enter_Programming_02.png

2. Press Installation, then press Timer.

Entry_Exit_Time_01_Installation.jpg Entry_Exit_Time_02_Timer.jpg

3. Press the pencil icon to edit besides where it says Normal Entry Exit Delay. Select Entry Delay or Exit Delay.

Entry_Exit_Time_03_Main.jpg Entry_Exit_Time_04_Settings.jpg

4. Delete the number to enter a new time between 30 to 240 seconds. Press Done.

Entry_Exit_Time_05a_Enter_Time.jpg Entry_Exit_Time_05b_New_Time.jpg

5. Press Save, press Back or the Home button to exit.

Entry_Exit_Time_06_Save.jpg Entry_Exit_Time_07_Exit.jpg