IQ Panel - Sensor Test

1. Press Settings, then enter your master code.

Enter_Programming_01.jpg Enter_Programming_02.jpg

2. Press System Tests, then press Sensor Test.

System_Tests__2_.jpg Sensor_Test__2_.jpg

3. Activate all sensors.

  • Door/Window Sensors: Open and close the doors and windows.


  • Keyfob: Hold both Lock and Unlock buttons for 2 to 3 seconds.


  • Motion Detector: Press the top button and remove sensor from its backplate.
    • • Qolsys: Press top button then remove motion from back plate.
    • Iq_Motion_collage__2_.jpg

    • • Interlogix: Press the bottom button, then remove the motion detector from its backplate.

    4. Results should display as Excellent, Pass, or Poor. Press Back or the Home button to exit.