Brinks Home Security Customer FAQ

Due to the over-whelming response of our change to Brinks Home Security you may experience higher wait times with our customer care professionals. We appreciate your patience. If you have a question that you do not see answered below, text our digital team at BRINKS or 274-657.

  • Will I get a new yard sign and window decals?
    • You can request a new yard sign and window decals, via text, at: BRINKS or 274-657. Your very first Brinks sign is free. Each additional sign and decal packages are $9.99.

  • Will the cost of my service change?
    • No, there will be no changes to the cost of your service as a result of the change to Brinks Home Security.

  • Why does my panel look different?
    • If you're an customer, a reboot of your panel will take place in a disarmed state, to accept the new Brinks Home Security logo. The change should take about 2-5 minutes to complete. Panel types include: IQ1, IQ2, GC3, GC2.
  • Will my bill still say MONI/LiveWatch?
    • Your bill will now come from Brinks Home Security.

  • Will the phone numbers that I call for support be different?
    • No, the numbers that you utilize to reach us today will remain the same. You can also text us for your customer care/troubleshooting needs at: BRINKS or 274-657.

  • Will my equipment change?
    • There will be no changes to your equipment as a result of this name change. You will see no change in the service that we offer.

  • Will I still be able to log into the customer portal?
    • Yes, the Customer Portal is still available for you to update your address, view your statement, and manage your account. While it is now , all of the features on the portal remain the same.
  • Do I need to update my payment method?
    • If you're using AutoPay, we'll continue drafting from your account. If you're not on AutoPay, you'll continue to receive a monthly bill. The statement name will now reflect the Brinks Home Security brand. You can sign up for auto pay in the customer portal,

  • Was MONI or LiveWatch purchased or sold?
    • No, we haven't been sold, and we have absolutely not gone out of business - so there will be no interruption or change in your level of service.

  • Will my contract change?
    • No, the terms of your monitoring agreement remain the same under the Brinks Home Security brand.

  • On the MONI branded app, we had the purple and green colors, will those be updated to the Brinks logo and colors?
    • Yes! The new Brinks Home Security app is branded with our new logo & colors. You can update your app through the app store; you do not have to re-download.
  • Will I still be able to use my ADC/TC app?
    • Yes! You will only need to ensure that the app is updated through the app store. They will not have to be re-downloaded.