IQ Panel - Add User Code

1. Press STATUS then enter MASTER CODE

Settings_01_Home_Screen.png Settings_02_Enter_Code.png

2. Press USER MANAGEMENT then press ADD USER

Settings_03_User_Menu.png User_Code_03_Main.png

3. Press NAME then enter up to 10-character name then press NEXT

User_Code_04_Add_User.png User_Code_05_Enter_Name.png

4. Enter User Code then press NEXT, enter User Code again to confirm then press DONE

User_Code_06_Enter_User_Code.png User_Code_07_Confirm_User_Code.png

5. Optional - Press TYPE then select if Master, User or Guest User

User_Code_08_User_Type.png User_Code_08a_User_Type.png

  • Master - Can perform all system functions such as add codes, arm etc
  • User - Can arm, disarm and bypass, cannot change other user codes
  • Guest - Can only arm and disarm

6. If User is temporary press EXPIRATION DATE then set expiration date then press SET

User_Code_09a_Expiration_Date.png User_Code_09_Expiration_Date.png

7. Press ADD USER to save and exit then press BACK ARROW or HOME button to exit

User_Code_09b_Expiration_Date.png User_Code_11_New_User_List.png