IQ Panel - Add User Code

  1. Press Status, then enter your master code..

    Settings_01_Home_Screen.png Settings_02_Enter_Code.png

  2. Press User Management, then press Add User.
  3. Settings_03_User_Menu.png User_Code_03_Main.png

  4. Press Name, enter a name up to 10-characters, then press Next.
  5. User_Code_04_Add_User.png User_Code_05_Enter_Name.png

  6. Enter your user code, then press Next. Enter the user code again to confirm, then press Done.
  7. User_Code_06_Enter_User_Code.png User_Code_07_Confirm_User_Code.png

  8. Optionally, press Type, then select Master, User, or Guest User.
  9. User_Code_08_User_Type.png User_Code_08a_User_Type.png

    • • Master: can perform all system functions such as add codes, arm, etc
    • • User: can arm, disarm, and bypass; this level of user cannot change other user codes
    • • Guest: can arm and disarm only

  10. If the code is temporary, press Expiration Date, enter the preferred expiration date, then press Set.
  11. User_Code_09a_Expiration_Date.png User_Code_09_Expiration_Date.png

  12. Press Add User to save, then press Back or Home to exit.
  13. User_Code_09b_Expiration_Date.png User_Code_11_New_User_List.png