IQ Panel 2 - Lost Master Code

1. Press or swipe down top clock display for Settings Drop-Down, then press SETTINGS

Enter_Program_01_Main.jpg Enter_Program_02_Dropdown.jpg

2. Press ADVANCED SETTINGS, then enter Installer Code 1111

Enter_Program_03_Settings_Menu.jpg Enter_Program_04_Enter_Code.jpg

3. Press USER MANAGEMENT, then press the PENCIL icon by MASTER User

User_Codes_01.jpg User_Codes_20_Master_Select.jpg

4. Press end of User Code then User_Codes_Delete_Icon.jpg to erase. Enter new Master Code, then User_Codes_Next_Icon.jpg

User_Codes_24a_Master_Enter_Code.jpg User_Codes_24b_Master_Enter_Code.jpg

5. Press end of Confirm User Code then User_Codes_Delete_Icon.jpg to delete. Enter new Master Code again, then User_Code_Check.png

User_Codes_24c_Master_Confirm_Code.jpg User_Codes_25a_Master_Confirm_Code.jpg

6. Press SAVE to save and exit

User_Codes_26_Master_Done.jpg User_Codes_27_Master_Exit.jpg