IQ Panel - Replace Backup Battery

Follow the instructions below to replace the backup battery in your system's panel. The IQ Panel 1 panel requires a 7.4 Volt 2500 mA battery, which can be purchased at your local hardware, mass retailer, or battery store. You may also text a Support Representative at 469.513.8685 to order one.

1. Power down system by pressing Settings, then enter your master code.

Enter_Programming_01.jpg Enter_Programming_02.jpg

2. Press Power Down, then OK to confirm. The IQ Panel now powers down.

Power_Down_04_Confirm.jpg Power_Down_03_User_Main.jpg

3. Remove top screw, then pull the panel from the backplate.


4. Hang the panel on the backplate using the plastic strap.


5. Remove the battery holder screw, then unplug it to remove the old battery.


6. Remove and replace the battery.


7. Hold the Home button for 5 seconds to power back up the panel.


Clear the Panel Alert

See instructions below for how to clear the error alert and stop alert beeping on your panel.

1. Troubles appear as a red numbered circle over the status icon. Press Status, then press Alerts to view.

001a Trouble 01 Disarmed 275x165

001b Trouble 02 Status 275x165

001c Trouble 03 Main Trouble 275x165

2. Press Acknowledge, then press Yes at the confirmation pop-up. Press the back icon or the home button to exit.

002a Trouble 04 Main Checked 275x165

002b Trouble 05 Main Acknowledge 275x165

002c Trouble 06 Main Trouble Cleared 275x165