IQ Panel 2 - Voice Enable/Disable

1. Press or swipe down the clock display at the top for the Menu. Select SETTINGS, then ADVANCED SETTINGS.

10.1.1a_Enter_Program_01_275x155.jpg 10.1.2a_Enter_Program_02_275x155.jpg 10.1.3a_Enter_Program_03_275x155.jpg

2. Enter the User Code (the disarm code), then press SOUND. Press to check VOICES to enable voice and/or SENSORS to enable a sensor voice chime.

10.2.1a_Enter_Program_04_275x155.jpg 10.2.2a_Chimes_01_275x155.jpg 10.2.3a_Voice_01_275x155.png

3. Press BACK or the HOME icon to exit.