IQ Panel 2 - Change Partition

Partitions allow for the creation of zone groups in a home or building so that users can arm sections of the property while leaving other areas disarmed. Partitioning enables greater personalization and functionality while simplifying installation. Each partition controls its local zone status, alerts, and notifications. Any area or zone that needs to be armed or disarmed separately from the rest of the structure can be turned into a partition.

Note: In order to utilize this feature, partitions must be enabled via Settings, Advanced Settings, Installation, Installer Settings, then scroll down to General to Enable.

1. Enter your User Code at the lock screen. The User Code must have access to other partitions.


2. Swipe up or down to access different partitions. When you swipe on a partition-enabled system, you will see the indicator dots on the left change and the named area change.

6.2a_Partition_Select_01_275x155.png 6.2b_Partition_Select_01_275x155.png

3. The specific actions taken (arm/disarm) will only affect the sensors connected with the partition selected. Note the example below shows that the "Stockroom" area is now armed.

6.3a_Partition_Select_02_275x155.png 6.3b_Partition_Select_02_275x155.png