How to Program a Door/Window Sensor to the Simon XTi

Please follow the steps below to connect your wireless door/window sensor to the Simon XTi panel.

Enter Programming:

1. Press the GEAR icon at the bottom right of the screen, press the DOWN ARROW three times, then the ENTER button next to PROGRAMMING

001a_Status_01_278x208.jpg 001b_Volume_01_278x208.jpg 001c_User_Code_01_278x208.jpg

2. Enter the Installer Code 4321 (Monitronics Dealer Code is 1960, 2508, 2915 or 6529), press OK, then select programming option

002a_Programming_04_278x208.jpg 002b_Programming_Main_01_278x208.jpg

Learn Sensor:

1. Press LEARN SENSOR, then activate the sensor tamper or press the learn button. The panel will beep if successful.

001.2a_Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_02_278x208.png 001.2b_Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_03_278x208.png 001.2c_Sensor_Tamper_278x208.jpg

2. Press the EDIT button by SENSOR GROUP, press the UP or DOWN ARROW buttons or enter sensor group 00 to 40, then press SAVE to exit

002.2a_Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_04b_278x208.png 002.2b_Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_06_278x208.png

3. Press the EDIT button by SENSOR NAME, select the EDIT button, scroll with the UP or DOWN ARROW buttons to select the name, then press SAVE

003.2aProgramming_-_Learn_Sensor_04c_278x208.png 003.2b_Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_07_278x208.png 003.2c_Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_08_278x208.png

4. Press the CLOSE button to exit

004.2a_Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_09_278x208.png 004.2b_Programming_-_Edit_Sensors_05_278x208.png