Internet Security and Safety Tips

Internet security involves staying safe and maintaining privacy while using the Internet. It's possible to use the Internet over a variety of systems and devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and gaming systems. These different connectivity options make it important to learn about Internet security and to follow safe usage rules every time you connect to the Internet. Stay informed about current risks and threats to Internet security, also, because hackers continue to develop new ways to compromise Internet security.


Take simple steps to ensure that the information you store on your computer remains secure. Internet security also protects the information you send and receive over the Internet. Create a unique password for your computer or the mobile device, and don't share it with others. It's also important to change passwords frequently. As you connect to the Internet, choose safe networks for connectivity. For a home network, use a secure password for your router and install a firewall to prevent hackers from accessing your personal information. For public networks, always have a firewall in place on your device to protect your information, and avoid sending confidential or personal information over the Internet while connected to this public network.


Viruses and malware are malicious programs that download and install onto a computer system or mobile device. These programs download without your knowledge or consent, and may harm an operating system. A virus could cause a system to crash and become unusable. A virus could also access files and information on a computer or device and then send this information to a third party. Malware could also take over a computer system and use it to commit fraud on other people. Viruses can spread through Internet browsing and through email messages. To avoid malware and viruses, do not open suspicious emails, and never download attachments that arrive from unknown senders. Install antivirus software on computers and mobile devices and keep the software updated.

Social Media

Social media includes Internet communication via various online communities. Through social media, people can interact with each other; sharing information, posting pictures, etc. While social media appeals to many different age groups, including preteens, teenagers, and adults, it's important to maintain safety while using it. Those using social media should adjust their account settings to keep personal information private. It's also important not to share passwords or personal information freely over social media. People should share personal photos and videos carefully. Never upload potentially harmful photos to the Internet, and do not share photos publicly on social media websites. These practices could place personal media into the hands of unknown people.

Mobile Devices/Smartphones

With their small size and mobility, tablets and smartphones can present special security risks. Always set a secure password on a mobile device to ensure that it will stay secure in the event of loss or theft. Consider installing security applications that will encrypt personal information stored on a mobile device for added security. As you use a mobile device to access the Internet, never connect to unknown wireless networks, because this type of connection could compromise your device security. Check all apps installed on a device carefully to learn about geo-location features of the app. Geo-location could enable the app to track your physical location, which could be a security risk. Mobile devices can also be at risk for viruses and malware, so install antivirus software on your smartphone or tablet. Perform regular firmware updates to a mobile device, also, to keep it safe from hacking attempts. If you decide to sell or give away your mobile device, always wipe it completely of all information to keep your data confidential.

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