Self Defense Guide for Women

In today's world everyone that is out on the street needs to be alert to potential danger. Whether you are in a large city or a small town, and in daylight or nighttime, the constant threat of danger is around everyone. This threat is particularly true for women. Assailants tend to target women as victims since they are perceived to be an easy target. However, with proper self defense techniques and being alert to potential dangers, women can minimize the chances that they will be targeted.

Along with defended yourself it is important that women not put themselves in situations where they could be in more danger. For example, at night avoid desolate and dark areas and try to travel in populous areas that are well lit. In addition, when out in public, watch your surroundings for anything unusual. By being alert for anything out of the ordinary, you may be preventing being a victim of an attack.

To help women be safe at all times, we have provided a number of useful resources that provide information on self defense and safety. We hope that this information is beneficial to you in remaining safe. Please feel free to share this information as a public service, to anyone else that can use it. And, be safe!

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