Staying safe in the kitchen

The kitchen is an important part of a home. It may be a place where your family gathers to prepare and eat dinner together. Your kitchen could be where mom or dad fixes you a quick snack while you finish up your homework. A kitchen can be one of the most special areas of your house, but there are some safety precautions you should take to avoid getting hurt in your kitchen. From hot surfaces to sharp objects, there are plenty of ways to hurt yourself in your kitchen. By following a few safety tips, the whole family will be able to safely enjoy the kitchen while avoiding any injuries.

Kid-Friendly Activities in the Kitchen

Getting involved in cooking is a great way to bond with your family. You also get to learn and develop valuable skills you will need as a grown-up. Mom and dad have particular roles in the kitchen, like turning the stove on and off or removing items from a hot oven. As a kid, you also play an important part in the kitchen, and can help mom and dad make delicious food. You'll want to take on a project you can handle, like measuring out ingredients. This step is crucial in any recipe, because properly measured ingredients will work together to make something delicious! You can also be helpful in prep work, such as washing fruits and vegetables, peeling fruits and vegetables, or setting the table. With mom or dad's help, mix ingredients together or garnish plates for presentation. Participating in any of these safe activities will allow you to develop your chef skills!

Have a Kitchen Buddy Around Always

Cooking with your parents is a great family bonding experience. Before you start any cooking project, make sure mom or dad is around to help. It is important that they are there to help you with big kitchen appliances and heavy pots and pans so you do not harm yourself by accident. Ovens and stovetops can get very hot in the cooking process, and you may accidentally touch a hot surface without realizing it's hot. Ask your parents to show you the danger zones of your kitchen so you know what to touch and what to avoid touching while cooking. Kitchens also contain many sharp or heavy objects like knives and scissors, which can easily cut you. Heavy pots and pans are also used throughout the cooking process. Let mom and dad handle the big tasks like chopping or moving pots and pans while you handle smaller, more manageable tasks. This will make cooking a fun experience for everyone to enjoy.

Understand Food and Fire Safety

Food can very easily expire or become unusable. Certain foods need to be frozen, while other foods need to be kept cool in the fridge. Some foods don't require cooling at all, and are stored away in your cabinets or pantry. For example, if you use the milk, be sure to put it back in the fridge immediately after use to stop it from going bad. Understanding how foods need to be stored or prepared for a recipe is an important part of working in the kitchen. If you are ever unsure of where something goes or how to store a certain food item, ask mom or dad for help. Your safety and food safety are important in the kitchen, but don't forget about fire and electrical safety. To prevent a spark from flying and starting a fire, unplug toasters, blenders, and other electronics when they aren't being used. This goes for oven or stove use as well. You also need to monitor open flames. If you are cooking with a gas stove, have mom or dad handle that part of the process to avoid accidentally starting a fire or burning yourself.

A Clean Kitchen Is a Healthy Kitchen

Keeping kitchen surfaces and tools (including hands!) clean throughout the cooking process will prevent the spread of germs. It is important to understand where germs can come from in a kitchen. For example, raw meats are teeming with germs. By cooking them at the proper temperature, we kill the germs and make them edible. For this reason, you cannot touch raw meat and then touch something else in the kitchen without washing your hands first. It is also important to wash the surface the meat was on before using that surface for something else. Keeping your kitchen surfaces and tools clean also helps stop germs from spreading. Make sure you use a clean sponge and antibacterial soap to wash away germs from kitchen counters, cutting boards, and knives. Remember to wash off fruits and vegetables prior to cooking, and maintain clean surfaces and utensils when preparing a snack or meal.

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