Brinks Home Plus

Protection for your investment

Brinks Home Plus is an extra layer of protection for your home security system. With Brinks Home Plus your security devices are covered for just $5 per month

Brinks Home Plus benefits:

  • Effective immediately
  • Discounted trip fee of only $50
  • No additional fees for equipment repair or replacement*

Upgrade your protection

Join Brinks Home Plus today and ensure your devices are protected with your home.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Brinks Home Plus is a warranty program designed to protect the cost of servicing or replacing your Brinks Home security and automation equipment due to normal wear and tear and product malfunctions.   

  • The warranty covers repairs, replacements, and credits for qualifying devices* including alarm panels, door/window contacts, motion detectors, glass-break sensors, smoke detectors, heat sensors, temperature sensors, cell units, carbon monoxide detectors, key fobs, flood sensors, zone expanders, transformers, sirens, keypads door locks, cameras (including doorbell), light modules, thermostats, garage door control, and image sensors.  

  • Brinks Home Plus does not cover any damage or issues due to: (a) WiFi connectivity issues; (b) damage related to naturally occurring weather events (“acts of God”); (c) costs associated with on-site visits outside of normal technician hours (“emergency service”); (d) theft of devices; (e) repair needed due to abuse/misuse; (f) changes in telephone service; (g) unauthorized tampering of devices by non-Brinks Home personnel or authorized service providers; (h) vandalism (i) on-site labor and trip costs associated with replacement of lightbulbs (k) any additional service performed during on-site visits for repairs not associated with covered devices. This warranty does not cover replacement of any devices due to incompatibility. 

  • Your warranty is effective immediately once your first payment is received. 

  • Shipped replacements of qualifying devices will be free of charge. There is a discounted trip fee of $50 if a service visit is required.  

  • Standard service technician trip fee is $200.  

  • Please inform the customer agent at the time the appointment is made to allow for appropriate scheduling. “Add on” work during the warranty visit is not covered under the warranty program and is billable at standard equipment prices (which include parts and labor) or labor rates. 

  • Brinks Home Plus costs just $5.00 per month.

  • Brinks Home Plus is a 12-month commitment from time of use. Brinks Home Plus auto-renews monthly.

  • If you have not used the warranty, cancel any time. If you have used the warranty, you're locked in for 12 months.  Cancelling prior to the 12 months commitment may incur a cancellation fee where applicable by law*.