Wireless Security System

No place should feel safer than being at home. It is, for most people, a place where they can relax, enjoy themselves, and sleep soundly at night. But if you don't have the right security system in place, then your home and the people within it are not as safe as they could be. At Brinks Home Security, we specialize in reliable, wireless home security systems. Our systems are personalized and state-of-the-art, yet they are simple to use and easy to set up. We have several service and monitoring plans, one of which allows for home automation. In addition to choosing the right plan, you'll first want to pick the right security system for your home or apartment. Systems vary in the number of door and motion sensors that are available, and our top plan even offers a touch-screen panel on the alarm.

In the most recent FBI statistics, burglary accounted for 22.3 percent of all property crimes in the U.S. The home can also be a place where violent crimes can occur. Taking this into consideration stresses how important it is to properly protect one's home from thieves and other criminals. A wireless alarm system from Brinks Home Security is exactly what you need. With wireless home security, there are no wires that thieves can cut, making it a safer and more secure option than traditional wired systems. That's because unlike traditional alarm systems, our wireless home security units do not use telephone lines to communicate. Instead, there are two different means of communication, both of which can prove difficult for a criminal who wishes to tamper with them. Low-power radio signals are used for communication between the panel and the sensors, while communication between the panel and the monitoring center uses the strongest cellular network in the area. This is done to ensure a strong signal at all times. In addition, any tampering with our wireless home security systems, including their sensors, will trigger an alarm response.

We offer professional monitoring every hour of the day, every day of the week. If there is a disturbance with your system, we are alerted and will contact you or your emergency contact to inform you of the alarm. In addition, we will also dispatch the proper authorities to your property when necessary. And people with small pets can rest assured that their animal won't be the source of false alarms, as only animals 40 pounds or larger are likely to trigger our motion sensors.

When you purchase our affordable system, you are getting the best in home security. Wireless systems from Brinks Home Security offer greater security than wired systems and the fastest monitoring in the country. In addition, our systems are as much as 50 percent less expensive than offerings from other, more traditional companies. When you buy one of our wireless security systems, you'll naturally get our superior protection and also our world-class customer service. Our customers can contact us by chatting with one of our representatives online, submitting a help ticket, or calling us during our hours of operation Monday through Saturday.

Our Commitment to Your Security

  • Simple
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Everyone deserves to have peace of mind in their own home. We ensure your protection by providing home security that you can be confident in. It’s security that’s simple, affordable, personalized and – most importantly – reliable.

Our security systems are a perfect marriage of these principles, but our commitment doesn’t end there. You can depend on 24/7 professional alarm monitoring that’s there whenever you need it. We’re also proud to deliver award-winning customer care, available via phone, text or chat.

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