Note: Two Factor Authentication with Alexa does not authenticate individual devices but authenticates the Amazon account to use

To authenticate Amazon as a trusted account:

  1. Enable the Skill.
  2. Start talking to on the Amazon Echo device. Say "Alexa, talk to".
  3. Alexa will respond "This device has not been authenticated…" A text message or email with a six-digit code to authenticate the Amazon Alexa device will be sent.
  4. To authenticate the device say: "Alexa, tell to authenticate with <code from text message or email>".
  5. If the code was not heard correctly by Alexa, try again. For best results, say each digit individually.
    • If Alexa is unable to understand the code, it is possible to retrieve a new code by starting the process over or saying: "Alexa, tell I need another code."
  6. The Amazon account has now been authenticated to use