Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Systems & Hardware

  • Our systems use cellular and Wi-Fi to connect your wireless security system to our Alarm Response Center, as well as to the Brinks Home Mobile App.

  • If a power failure occurs, our newer security systems still operate using the backup battery supply. Our current security systems are also supported by 4G cellular network so that your professional monitoring continues uninterrupted until the battery is depleted.

  • Traditional wired security systems can be easy for an intruder to cut a landline, disrupting the wireless signal to an Alarm Response Center. With wireless security systems, if an intruder tries to disable your security panel or tamper with your sensors, it will set off an alarm before the system is compromised.

    Additionally, wireless sensors, like motion and door/window sensors, are not constrained by phone lines or wall mounts, so they can be placed anywhere, helping provide more coverage your home.

  • Yes, all our systems provide multiple ways to arm or disarm your system. Our smart security systems use customizable passcodes that can be disarmed at the panel or via the Brinks Home app. Other options are available, such as Bluetooth hands-free disarming or a keychain remote.

  • That's a popular option for many customers. Smart home devices are a great way to enhance the traditional home security systems we provide. They're easy to add, and compatible devices that can be controlled by your Brinks Home Mobile App.

    Our latest security panels utilize Z-Wave technology, which can connect to over 100+ smart home devices.

  • Your security system may be able to control your system and compatible devices through Amazon Alexa and Siri Shortcut. For example, you can say “Alexa, ask to arm the security system.” 

  • In general, pets over 40 lbs. are capable of triggering motion sensors. To safeguard against pet-triggered alarms, we suggest following the installation recommendations provided with your security system, and (if possible) setting motion detectors in areas that pets don't normally frequent. 

  • Our most popular door sensors take a 3V lithium watch battery and our motion detectors takes two lithium AA batteries. We support a large variety of sensor brands which may use a variety of battery types so we suggest you consult the instructions in our Help Center to identify the appropriate battery if you want to change batteries in your sensors yourself. 

  • Our newer systems notify the location of the breach if an alarm occurs.

  • Our cellular backup will connect to the strongest major wireless provider available at your location.

  • We offer Brinks Home Plus for $7.99 per month, which is a protection plan that covers the cost of repairs and replacements for all eligible home security and home automation devices and includes free shipping.* Brinks Home Plus also includes discounted service appointments of $75 if an on-site technician visit is required. 

    *The initial term is twelve (12) months and then auto-renews. Coverage is limited to devices that fall into specified categories from manufacturers authorized by Brinks Home. Covered device categories are subject to change. Additional terms and conditions apply. See the Brinks Home Plus Extended Service Plan for full terms and conditions.  

  • The purchase of a new system is required to move Brinks Home services from one location to another. However, you can take existing eligible wireless equipment with you to be installed in your new home, such as sensors, cameras, and smart home devices.

  • To get started, contact a Security Consultant by calling us at 844.228.1171.

Professional Monitoring

  • Professional monitoring is one of the most important functions of home security. At Brinks Home, US-based professionals from our Five Diamond, 24/7 Alarm Response Center are standing by at all times, to rapidly notify you, and if necessary, request police, fire, or medical authorities during any emergency. 

  • You will specify a list of emergency contacts that should be contacted if we cannot get ahold of you. You can update the list anytime from the Brinks Home Customer Portal

  • Some insurers can provide a discount of up to 20% off homeowner’s insurance if you have a professionally monitored system. Be sure to check with your insurance company for more information. 

  • Brinks Home may charge an early termination fee as set forth in the monitoring contract. If you financed the purchase of any equipment, you are responsible for any remaining balance pursuant to your equipment financing contract. 

  • Different jurisdictions have different rules regarding alarm dispatch. Some jurisdictions have ordinances requiring verification of alarms before responding. In those jurisdictions, Brinks Home will contract with a local guard response company who will be dispatched if Brinks Home receives an alarm signal and is unable to verify whether it is a false alarm. The responding guard has the authority to request police dispatch if they find legitimate causes for alarm. Contact your local law enforcement to find out how alarms are handled in your area. 

  • Many jurisdictions require alarm system users to obtain an alarm permit. To determine whether an alarm permit is required in your area, contact local police and fire department (using the non-emergency telephone number) or check to see if the information is available on their websites. You must keep Brinks Home updated with your permit information. You can log in to our Customer Portal at, or you can text our Support Representatives at 469.513.8685 to update this information.


  • Yes, Brinks Home offers professional installation by technicians who will set up your security system and ensure it is working properly. Installation work performed by personnel licensed where required by applicable law. License information is available at Call a Security Consultant today at 888.627.3631 to get started. 

  • A security system from Brinks Home does not require a landline. Our systems communicate wirelessly through cellular networks and Wi-Fi – no landline needed. 

  • Touchscreen panels can either be wall-mounted or free-standing using the desk-mount included.  


  • Currently, our systems are only available in the United States and Puerto Rico. 

  • We have a lot of experience transitioning older alarm systems to our monitoring service. Call us at 888.627.3631 to speak with a Security Consultant to confirm if your system is compatible. 

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