Carbon Monoxide Detector

Keeping your family safe is likely one of your top priorities. Home security is an integral part of the overall safety of your loved ones. A comprehensive security system should include monitoring for burglary, fire, and carbon monoxide levels in the home. This personalized protection needs to be both reliable and affordable to keep your family safe. A carbon monoxide monitor can give you peace of mind, knowing that an alarm will sound if dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are detected in your home.

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is odorless and invisible. Burning fuel such as wood, gas, and oil will naturally produce carbon monoxide. As long as a heating appliance such as a furnace is working correctly, the level of carbon monoxide produced will not be dangerous. However, appliances that burn fuel can produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide if they are not operating correctly. Dangerous levels of carbon monoxide can kill an entire family in minutes, so a carbon monoxide detector is recommended for home safety. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include confusion, dizziness, nausea, and loss of consciousness. Even low levels of carbon monoxide can lead to symptoms such as headaches, shortness of breath, and nausea. Having carbon monoxide detectors in your home can ensure that you receive a warning if warranted.

Brinks Home Security System

Carbon monoxide detection is available in our home security systems. Our unique systems give you professional security to protect you from intruders and dangers such as fire and carbon monoxide. This wireless security uses a low-powered radio signal operating over cellular networks to give you the most powerful and secure signal. You don't even need exceptional cellular service at your home to use our system. The design of this system is so simple that it takes only minutes to install in your home. Our technicians will be available to assist you with setup and testing to ensure that your system is working correctly. This includes testing the carbon monoxide alarm to ensure that it is ready to pick up levels of carbon monoxide. You can configure your system to include monitoring from a smartphone, which gives you the flexibility for carbon monoxide monitoring of your home from virtually anywhere.

About Brinks Home Security

When you want the best in home security, our company is uniquely prepared to deliver this to you. We have designed our system to be customer-friendly so you control your coverage and services. We don't just want you to be satisfied; we want you to be delighted with our system and our service. The carbon monoxide monitor included with our security system is state-of-the-art, so you can have confidence in the layers of safety included with our security services. If the sensors detect carbon monoxide in your home, a carbon monoxide alarm will sound to alert you to the potential danger. We have a variety of plans designed to fit your unique needs, from basic to comprehensive. Visit us online to receive a free quote and to learn more about our services.

Our Commitment to Your Security

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Everyone deserves to have peace of mind in their own home. We ensure your protection by providing home security that you can be confident in. It’s security that’s simple, affordable, personalized and – most importantly – reliable.

Our security systems are a perfect marriage of these principles, but our commitment doesn’t end there. You can depend on 24/7 professional alarm monitoring that’s there whenever you need it. We’re also proud to deliver award-winning customer care, available via phone, text or chat.

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