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There is a burglary in America every 16.4 seconds. Most are not reported until the owners return home to find their possessions stolen and the perpetrators long gone. Protect your home and family with a personalized security system from Brinks Home Security. Unlike traditional security systems, our custom home security systems are wireless, connecting through any wireless provider, and they cannot be disabled by cutting your land line. It gives our customers the flexibility to place our sensors out of view of intruders. Our custom alarm systems secure outside doors and monitor movement in your home, providing a dual layer of protection.

Brinks Home Security offers affordable custom home security systems to fit any budget. Get a free quote online by answering a few simple questions and let us help you keep your family and possessions safe. Our personalized security solutions offer reliable 24/7 protection and monitoring combined with the fastest response time in the nation. Choose from several of our custom alarm systems that offer fire, flood, and smoke monitoring, home automation, or video surveillance in addition to our basic services.

All of our services provide 24/7 protection monitoring, 100% secure wireless service, and ASAPer rapid alarm resolution, the fastest notification system in the industry. From there you can add features such as Crash&Smash protection, which alerts you when your control panel is being tampered with, smartphone control to manage your custom alarm system through your smartphone, home automation, or location-based control so you can set rules for your system when you are at home or away.

We believe that securing your home should be simple. Our systems come ready to be installed out of the box without the need to schedule a technician or wait for installation. When your system arrives, simply unbox the components, plug them in, and activate the system. After you place your devices, a member of our team will do a few checks to make sure your system is properly set up and ready to protect your home. We also offer services to those who have an existing alarm system. Call us at 888-826-0029 to learn more about our transitioning services.

A brand that's known by millions of consumers, Brinks Home Security understands that in an emergency, every second counts. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to helping our clients get the best service possible ten times faster than the competition. Our team of passionate operators and monitors have one job: keeping you and your family safe and secure in your home. Join our more than 1 million customers who have voted us one of the best home monitoring companies in the nation.

Our Commitment to Your Security

  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Personalized
  • Reliable

Everyone deserves to have peace of mind in their own home. We ensure your protection by providing home security that you can be confident in. It’s security that’s simple, affordable, personalized and – most importantly – reliable.

Our security systems are a perfect marriage of these principles, but our commitment doesn’t end there. You can depend on 24/7 professional alarm monitoring that’s there whenever you need it. We’re also proud to deliver award-winning customer care, available via phone, text or chat.

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