QS5210-840 Carbon Monoxide Detector Guide


  • • Transmitter frequency: 345 MHz
  • • RF range: up to 100 ft. to panel
  • • Operating temperature: 40°F to 120°F
  • • CO monitoring: carbon monoxide gas 24-7
  • • Alarm: built-in, sounds in addition to panel siren
  • • Battery requirements: 1 CR123A 3-volt lithium battery

QS-5210-840 CO Detector

Pre-Install Checklist:

  • • Carbon monoxide detectors should not be mounted on the ceiling. Carbon monoxide is heavier than air and sits down closer to floor level.
  • Position at least 6 inches from the ceiling but not lower than a light switch.
  • • Place within 10 feet of a sleeping area, such as inside of a bedroom if it contains a fuel burning appliance.
  • • Place on every floor of the building, ideally in any room that contains a fuel burning appliance.
  • • If the appliance or the room is not normally used, such as the boiler room, the detector should be placed just outside the room so the alarm can be heard more easily.

Installation Steps:

  • 1. Install the mounting base on the ceiling or on the wall (if local ordinances permit) using screw locations as required. Use the two screws and anchors provided. Maneuver the base so the screws are at the elbow of the screw slots and secure.
  • 2. Fit the detector inside the base by aligning it over the base (detector’s alignment notch should be slightly offset from mounting base tamper release tab), then turn the detector in a clockwise direction until it clicks into place.
  • 3. The carbon monoxide detector is now ready to be added to your panel. Follow the link for instructions: How to Program the QS5210-840 to the IQ Panel 2.

For additional information relating to your device, click the following link to view the original manufacturer's user guide or installation manual: QS5210-840 IQ Carbon Monoxide Detector Manual