Honeywell 5800MINI Door/Window Sensor Guide


  • • Transmitter frequency: 345 MHz
  • • RF range: up to 100 ft. from panel
  • • Operating temperature: 32°F to 120°F
  • • Battery requirements: 1 CR2032 3-volt lithium battery

Honeywell 5800MINI.1

Installation Steps:

  • 1. Mount the 5800MINI on the frame of the protected door or window using double-faced tape.
  • 2. Mount the magnet on the protected door or opening portion of the protected window. Check that the blue LED lights when the door or window is closed.
  • 3. Pull the battery tab, then snap the cover in place after pulling tab. The blue and green LEDs will be active for 15 minutes. To reactivate, remove the cover.
  • 4. The sensor is now ready to be added to your panel. Follow the link for instructions: How to Program the Honeywell 5800MINI to the GC2 Panel.

    For additional information relating to your device, click the following link to view the original manufacturer's user guide or installation manual: 5800MINI Door/Window Sensor Manual