Kwikset 910 Smart Door Lock Features

See below the features available with the Kwikset 910 Deadbolt:

Security Systems Enhancements

  • Simplify security system control through lock keypad
  • Directly control locks from security system to lock/unlock door while arming/disarming
  • Single button security system arming via lock keypad

Home Control Benefits

  • Customize lighting scenes for convenience through lock keypad
  • Initiate thermostat away mode when leaving home and locking door
  • Save money while conserving energy usage through home/away modes via lock keypad

Remote Access Advantage

  • Lock/unlock doors via smart phone or internet connection while away
  • Receive remote notification when door lock is accessed
  • Check lock status remotely to see if doors are locked

Innovative Security

  • Motorized Locking Mechanism— enables true remote locking & unlocking
  • Includes SmartKey® Re-key Technology with BumpGuard™ Protection
  • Revolutionary Tapered Deadbolt Design—enables misaligned doors to lock without pulling & pushing your door shut
  • Full 128-Bit Encryption Security
  • One Touch Locking

Easy Integration

  • Replaces Existing Door Hardware with just a screwdriver
  • No Hard Wiring Needed
  • 4 AA Batteries— batteries last for approximately 1 year
  • Z-Wave Wireless Protocol