ADC-T2000 Smart Thermostat Features

See below the features available with the ADC-T2000 Smart Thermostat:

  • Compatible with security systems, like the 2GIG GC3 or Qolsys IQ Panel 2, utilizing Z-wave functionality
  • Control via the thermostat directly or remotely using the Brinks Home™ App
  • Allows for customized scheduling and temperature presets
  • Users can receive alerts from if someone adjusts the ADC-T2000 Smart Thermostat while they are away.
  • As a Z-Wave device, the ADC-T2000 can be integrated into smart scenes with other Z-Wave devices.
  • The ADC-T2000 can also be used with the ADC-S2000 Temperature Sensor for accurately reading the temperature across a larger building.