ADC-T2000 Smart Thermostat Features


  • • Compatible with security systems, like the 2GIG GC3 or Qolsys IQ Panel 2, utilizing Z-wave functionality
  • • Control via the thermostat directly or remotely using the Brinks Home™ Mobile App
  • • Allows for customized scheduling and temperature presets
  • • Receive alerts if someone adjusts the ADC-T2000 Smart Thermostat while they are away
  • • As a Z-Wave device, the ADC-T2000 can be integrated into smart scenes with other Z-Wave devices
  • • The ADC-T2000 can also be used with the ADC-S2000 Temperature Sensor for accurately reading the temperature across a larger building


Setting Description Default State

Display On

The thermostat mode and temperature is displayed at all times when this feature is enabled.


Note: only available if connected to AC power when enrolled.

Display Brightness 

Controls the brightness of the thermostat display when Display On is enabled. N/A
Heat/Cool Setpoint The allowed range for the Target Temps in Heat and Cool modes.

Heat: 40˚F - 95˚F

Cool: 50˚F - 95˚F

Overshoot The number of degrees beyond the Target Temp the system heats or cools before shutting off. (Recommend leaving this at 0 for comfort and efficiency reasons) 0˚F
Swing The number of degrees, above and below the Target Temp, the HVAC system comes on to cool or heat, preventing wear on the system components due to excessive cycles. 1˚F
Thermostat Lock
  • Partial: Allows Temp Changes but not Mode. This functionally disables the mode button.
  • Enabled: Locks all local changes. This disables all buttons, so even if it's in off mode the user is not able to locally check the firmware version.