GC2 GC2e Features

This brief instructional video demonstrates how to explore the features and settings on the 2GIG panel.

Listed below are the features presented with all models of the GC2 GoControl Panel:

  • Access Code Management: the system can accommodate up to 60 unique user codes including 1 master code and 1 code for duress alerts, which initiates a silent call for help.
  • Alarm History: review alarm history logged in the control panel directly as well as sent to Brinks Home.
  • Arm Stay and Arm Away: arm stay allows you to have perimeter sensors monitored while you are at home arm away arms both your interior and perimeter while the premises is unoccupied.
  • Home Automation Control: home appliances, lights, garage doors, temperature controls, and more with Z‐Wave network capability.
  • Real Time Clock and Calendar: conveniently check the data and time, which is used to log events and alarms.
  • Panic, Fire, and Emergency: immediately alert Brinks Home to specific events with convenient buttons on your control panel or remote keyfob designated for panic, fire, or emergency.
  • Remote Control: connect your panel to your smart device to have control at your fingertips while at home or away.
  • Voice Alerts: the control panel can announce sensor alerts based on their location, such as “bedroom window” or “front door.”
  • 2‐way Voice Communication: in the event of an alarm, the system can allow two way audio between Brinks Home and the occupant.

The following features are available for the GC2e GoControl panel:

  • • Installer programming features and flow stay the same.
  • • Backward compatible with all GC2 sensors for easy upgrades.
  • • Supports LTE 4G and 3G radios
  • • Alarm.com and SecureNet compatible.