SCW9057 Impassa - Factory Reset

If you do not have any codes to access your DSC panel, or just want to start from scratch with the programming you can do a hardware reset on the panel. If the installer did not lockout the panel then this will reset it to factory defaults. Note that this is not something we typically recommend for an end user to perform, except as a last resort.

Note: If Installer's Lockout is enabled a hardware default cannot be performed. Installer's Lockout is indicated by 10 rapid clicks from the phone relay on the main circuit board on power up.

Before you reset the panel you will need an accurate list of your current zones, and whether they are hardwired or wireless, as you will need to program them all back in. Also you will need to know if there are any add on modules or anything else special that will need to be reprogrammed.

To default the main control panel hardware, perform the following:

  1. Remove AC and battery power from the panel.
  2. Remove any wires from the Z1 and PGM1 terminals, labeling them with which terminal they go to.
  3. With a piece of wire short the Z1 terminal to the PGM1 terminal.
  4. Apply AC power to the main panel.
  5. When the Zone 1 Light is lit on the keypad, the default is complete.
  6. Remove AC power from the control.
  7. Remove the short, reconnect all original wiring, and power up the control.

Note: AC power must be used to power the panel. The panel will not default if only the battery is used.

Note: Once the default is complete the Master Code will be 1234, the Installer's Code will be the panel default.