How to properly reset an camera

Here is how to reset your camera. If the light blinks green but does not turn solid try this, or if the camera fails to configure after the website installer finds it, or if it will not connect to your router at all.

Press the reset button and hold it. The light should flash red, green, red, green. Continue holding it until the light turns solid red and then turns off (about 15 seconds). After the light turns off you can release the reset button and unplug the power for 10 seconds to complete the reset.

Then follow the directions to add the camera again. If you are connecting an ethernet cable make sure to connect it before you power the camera back up.

For the ADC-V72W, you'll need to hold the "WPS" button for 10 seconds to reset it. You'll know it's complete when the camera starts flashing a white LED light.