How to program an IQ Mini Door Sensor


1. Press Picture25.jpg or Picture26.jpg until SYSTEM PROGRAMMING then press Picture27.jpg

Picture2.png Picture3.jpg Picture4.png

2. Enter Installer Code 4321 (Call Brinks Home Security if this code is different)

Picture5.png Simon_XT_Then.jpg Picture7.png

3. Press Picture28.jpg or Picture29.jpg until SENSORS then press Picture27.jpg

Picture8.png Picture9.jpg Picture10.png

4. Press Picture27.jpg again to place the panel in learn mode

Picture11.png Picture12.jpg Picture13.png

5. Press end tab with screwdriver then remove cover to learn


6. Simon XT beeps and Grp flashes, enter 10 for Delay or 13 for Instant then press Picture27.jpg

Picture15.png Picture16.jpg Picture17.png

7. Sensor name flashes, press Picture33.jpg or Picture34.jpg to scroll names then press Picture27.jpg

Picture18.png Picture19.jpg Picture20.png

8. When finished press Picture27.jpg to save

Picture21.png Picture22.jpg Picture23.png

9. Press STATUS several times to exit