What is the MIP (Monitoring Information Profile)?

The MIP is your Monitoring Information Profile which is simply the information needed by our Central Station to monitor your system. Among other things, it asks for:

  • Contact numbers in the event of an alarm
  • The Emergency Center that dispatches for your area
  • Passcodes for your system and for verbal verifications
  • A list of your sensors and where they're placed in your home so that we can respond accurately when we receive your signal
To review your MIP, fill it out for the first time or change information, visit https://my.brinkshome.com/login where you can view and edit your MIP!
After you've logged in, click Step 3 "Monitoring Information Profile" (as shown below) and you will be prompted to complete the 5 easy steps.
Step 3 on my.brinkshome.com