IQ Panel 2 - LiftMaster MyQ Garage Door Programming

Identifying the Components:

The 888LM is the Control Panel mounted on a wall usually by the inside garage door


The Gateway links the MyQ Garage Door opener to the Internet Router by WiFi



Any LiftMaster or Chamberlain garage door opener with integrated MyQ technology

There are two types of protocol compatible with the gateway:

A. Security +

B. Security + 2.0

"Security +"

If the MyQ logo is not on the opener there should to be a purple learn button, You will have to use the LiftMaster control panel in this case.


"Security + 2.0"

There will be a control panel included with the opener. This control panel will have a "Learn" button


Connecting the Control Panel to the Garage Opener:

1) Connect the red and white wires to the control panel LM5.jpg

2) Wait till the "Control Panel" finishes charging. You'll when it's done, the "Yellow LED" will remain illuminated. The door can be tested by simply pressing the push button at the center.

Note: Control panel's used with Security + 2.0 garage door openers do not have to charge.

Setting Up the Gateway Device through

1) Connect Gateway to router by Ethernet cable, then power and wait until the Green LED turns on ON solid


2) Add the Gateway into by selecting "Get Started!"


3) Enter the Gateway serial number and the account will attempt to connect with the device


Learning Control Panel(s) to the Gateway Device:

1) Enable “Learn Mode” on the gateway. This will cause the yellow LED on the gateway to turn on


2) Press the LEARN button on the control panel. When this connects to the Gateway the blue LED on the Gateway turns ON