ADC-V721W/ADC-V722W Outdoor Camera WiFi Access Point Setup

1. Hold back button for 5 to 7 seconds until LED flashes white

2. Go to phone or tablet WiFi settings, find ALARM (xx:xx:xx) then press CONNECT

ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_01_WiFi.png ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_02_Select_Camera_Network.png ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_04_Connected.png

3. Open web browser and enter, camera menu appears select language

ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_05_Enter_Address.png ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_06_Web_Main_.png

4. Press SCAN FOR WI-FI NETWORKS, then select WiFi network

ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_07_Scan_For_WiFi_Networks.png ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_08_Scanning_.png ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_09_Select_WiFi_Network.png

5. Press SECURITY KEY then enter WiFi encryption key then press SAVE then OK to exit

ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_10_Select_Encryption.png ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_11_Enter_Encryption.png ADC-V722_WiFi_Setup_12_Connecting.png

6. Camera LED turns green if successful or red if failure