Siri Shortcuts - Easy Setup

You can take home automation for your Brinks Home™ system to the next level using custom voice shortcuts for Siri Shortcuts. To arm/disarm an system or run a Scene, customers can say "Hey Siri, I'm home from work," or any phrase of their choice to perform automation commands using an Apple device with iOS 12 or later. Those devices include your iPhone, iPad, HomePod, Apple Watch, and your Car Play-enabled vehicle dashboard, enabling you to voice-control your home from the road.

Live video streams can also be brought up through Siri voice shortcuts by invoking Siri and speaking a chosen phrase like, "Siri, show me my kitchen." A live video stream window then appears on the customer's mobile device. This shortcut works for any video camera or video doorbell and allows for quick, hands-free access to the customer's video devices.

First, we'll need to enable the feature within the App:

  • Launch your Brinks Home Mobile App and select menu_icon.png in the top left corner
  • Scroll down to App Settings
  • Click on Siri Shortcuts


  • Next press the toggle to Share Activity with Siri
  • Read the pop-up and press Share


Second, select your shortcut and complete our recordings:

  • Press the plus sign next to the shortcut you want to set up (for this example we will set up "Arm Stay")
  • Select the the preferred option between "Silent Arming" and ""No Entry Delay" and press OK (This step is only for "Arm Stay" and "Arm Away")
  • Confirm what you want the Siri voice phrase to be and select "Done"


  • This should be your end result.


For more information on Siri Shortcuts click here!