Simon 3—Battery Replacement

Follow the instructions below to replace the backup battery in your system's panel. The Simon 3 panel requires a 6-Volt 1.3Ah replacement battery, which can be purchased at your local hardware, mass retailer, or battery store.

Video Instructions:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Press the bottom tab down, then pull front cover forward to remove it.
001 Simon 3 Battery Replacement 1

2. Insert a flat-edge screwdriver into the slot, and pry up to open the inside cover.
002 Simon 3 Battery Replacement 2

3. Remove the battery cover screws.
003 Simon 3 Battery Replacement 3

4. Remove and replace the battery. Ensure the black wire connects to the black terminal and red wire connects to the red terminal.

004 Simon 3 Battery Replacement 4

Clear the Panel Alert

See instructions below for how to clear the error alert and stop alert beeping on your panel.

1. The keypad beeps 6 times every 10 seconds. Press System Status to turn lights on.

2. Press System Status again to hear and stop trouble conditions.

If you need further assistance, you can text a Support Representative any time at 469.513.8685.