GC2 GoControl - Programming A Door / Window Sensor

1. Press the bottom right logo, and enter Default Installer Code 1561.

Programming_-_Enter_Program_01.png Programming_-_Enter_Program_02.png


2. Press System configuration, select the sensor number, then press the down arrow.

Programming_-_Enter_Program_03.png 2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_01_Select.png


3. Press the Left or Right arrows to select Sensor type, then press the Down arrow.



4. If 0406070810, or 23 were selected above, enter Equipment type then press the Down arrow.

2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_03_Equipment_Type.png 2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_03_Equipment_Type_2.png


5. Press the Left or Right arrows to select the Equipment code, then press the Down arrow.

2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_02_Equipment_Code_0862_Door_Sensor.png 2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_02_Equipment_Code_0869_PIR1.png



6. Enter the Sensor serial number. To auto-learn the sensor, press Shift then Learn, then activate the sensor.

2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_05_Serial_Number_1.png 2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_05_Serial_Number_2.png


7. If the sensor learns successfully press Ok, then press the Down arrow.

2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_05_Serial_Number_3.png 2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_05_Serial_Number_4.png


8. Enter at Equipment age, then press the Down arrow.



9. Enter Loop number 1 or 2, then press the Down arrow.

2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_07_Loop_Number.png Sensor_Loop_Numbers.png


10. Enter 1 to enable the 30-Second dialer delay, then press the Down arrow.



11. Press Insert, then use the Left or Right arrow buttons to scroll through descriptions that you can name your sensor.

2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_09_Description_1_Blank.png 2GIG_Q1_RF_Sensor_Programming_09_Description_2_Front.png


12. To add an additional word to your sensor description, press Insert, then use the Left or Right arrow buttons to scroll through descriptions.


13. Enter 1 to enable Sensor reporting, then press the Down arrow.
14. Enter 1 to enable Sensor supervision, then press the Down arrow.



15. Enter 0 to 13 to select Sensor chime, then press the Down arrow.



16. Press Edit next for the next sensor or Skip to go to Q2 Wired Sensor Programming.



Need instructions for sensor placement and mounting? Click here.