Do you want to build a smart home? Here's how.

First things first, app integration is a must! What's the use of having a bunch of super cool devices if you cant easily control them. With the Brinks Home Security Mobile app, you can easily control all of those devices in one place.

What's next, really depends on your needs and what's important for you.

Do you have a Babysitter, Contractors, or just a lot of foot traffic? An Indoor Camera provides a live feed, you can check in anytime, anywhere from your smart home device.

Are you still hiding a key under the mat? C'mon... Keys are yesterday’s tech, your home needs a Smart Door Lock. In all seriousness - If you're looking for a stylish, smart way to make your daily life a little bit simpler, our Smart Door Lock can play a helpful role.

Have you recently been the victim of a porch pirate? A Video Doorbell Camera is one of the most effective ways to discourage thieves from swiping packages.

Is someone always touching the thermostat? A Smart Thermostat has the ability to deliver both comfort and cost/energy savings.

Do you have a lot of expensive items in your shed? Stay proactive about your security by adding an Outdoor Camera to your system.