Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Put money back in your wallet with a smart home thermostat.

A Smart Thermostat lets you save energy simply, with no guesswork, complexity or inconvenience necessary. In fact, you'll barely notice… except when it comes to your power bill.

Fully integrated your Smart Home Security system, it can do more than other thermostats.

  • Enjoy room-by-room precision comfort. While most smart thermostats are limited by a one-room view, our Smart Thermostat can read the temperature in different rooms of your home with small, wireless temperature sensors.
  • Control things without lifting a finger. With an Amazon Echo or Google Home device connected to your system, your Smart Thermostat responds to your voice.
  • Protect your home from cold-weather catastrophes. Prevent frozen pipes with a temperature threshold alert generated by your thermostat and temperature sensors.