Lynx Touch - Sensor Test

1. Press Security, then press More.

Add_User_Code_01_Main.jpg Add_User_Code_02_Security_1.jpg

2. Press Tools, then enter the master code.

Add_User_Code_03_Security_2.jpg Add_User_Code_04_Enter_Code.jpg

3. Press Test, then press Walk Test.

Walk_Test_01.jpg Walk_Test_02.jpg

4. The system exits to the main display.


5. To test each sensor, open doors and windows and walk by motion detectors.

Open_Door_Window.jpg Guy_walking_by_Motion_Detector.jpg

6. The touchscreen beeps and audibly states each sensor. Press Home, then enter your master code to exit.

Lynx_Touch_L5210_Home_Button.jpg Walk_Test_04_Exit.jpg