Lynx Touch—Cellular Test

See instructions below for testing previously registered cellular communications on your panel.

  1. Press Security, then press More.
  2. Reset_Master_Code_02_Security_1.jpg Reset_Master_Code_01_Main.jpg

  3. Press Tools, then enter your master code.
  4. Reset_Master_Code_03_Security_2.jpg Reset_Master_Code_04_Enter_Code.jpg

  5. Press Test, then Comm Test.
  6. User_Menu.jpg Cell_Test_01.jpg

  7. Press Send GSM Message. If successful, ACK Received will display. Press Back to exit.

    Cell_Test_02.jpg Cell_Test_03.jpg

  8. Press Back or Home to exit.
  9. Cell_Test_04.jpg Lynx_Touch_L5210_Home_Button.jpg

If further support is required, including setting up, registering, or activation of cellular communications or a cellular module, please chat with us or text a Support Representative any time at 469.513.8685.