DSC (Digital Security Controls)—Universal Panel Disarm Steps

Instructions below are general steps to disarm a variety of DSC panels and are known to work for the following models:

  • • DSC PC1616
  • • DSC PC1832
  • • DSC PC1864
  • • DSC PC1555
  • • DSC PC5010
  • • DSC PC5020
  • • DSC PC9155 Alexor
  1. Enter your user code.
  2. PK5501_Fixed_English_Disarm.jpg

  3. The Armed LED light turns off, then press # to reset incorrect code or entry.

DSC 1616 Alphanumeric (pound hash highlighted)

For any DSC panel not listed, or if steps do not work, you can text a Support Representative any time at 469.513.8685.