Qolsys Motion Recall

Identify the Recalled Motion Detector

We received notification from Qolsys, the manufacturer of the IQ motion detector (QS1231-840), that certain motion detectors were loaded with faulty firmware. This firmware causes batteries to drain within one month, rather than the typical battery life expectancy of several years. Your Brinks Home™ system motion detector may be affected. Devices impacted by this firmware can be identified by the date codes on the back of the motion detector (characters five through eight of the serial number).

The following date codes are included within the recall: 1949–1951 & 2001–2011.

Label on back of Motion

Date Code 2004


Uninstall the Recalled Motion Detector:

Follow the steps below to remove the recalled motion detector:

  1. Place System on Test (following this link for instructions).
  2. Locate your existing motion detector and remove carefully.


Delete the Recalled Motion Detector:

1. Swipe down the clock display for the Settings Menu, then press Settings.

2.png 1.jpg


2. Enter the default installer code 1111, then press Advanced Settings.

4.jpg 3.png


3. Press Installation, then Devices.

6.jpg 5.png


4. Press Security Sensors, then Delete Sensors.

7.png 8.png


5. Press to select a sensor to delete, then press Delete. Press OK to confirm.

9.png 10.png


6. Press Home to exit programming.



Install the New Motion Detector:

  • • The coverage area is 20 feet.
  • • The detector must be 7-8 feet from the floor in the corner of the room.
  • • Follow the steps below to install and mount your new motion detector:
  1. Clean and dry the wall (and your hands) before mounting the device.
  2. Remove tape backing, and apply pressure against wall for 10 seconds.


Programming the New Motion Detector:

1. Swipe down from the clock display at the top of the screen, then press Settings.

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png


2. Press Advanced Settings then enter the default installer code 1111.

mceclip2.png mceclip3.png


3. Press Installation, then Devices.

mceclip4.png mceclip5.png


4. Press Security Sensors, then Auto Learn Sensors.

mceclip6.png mceclip7.png


5. Depending on the motion detector, press the top or bottom tab to remove the cover to learn.



6. Press OK to confirm.

mceclip10.png mceclip11.png


7. Enter sensor information then press Add New to save then Home to exit.

mceclip12.png mceclip13.png


Sensor Information:

  • • Sensor DL ID: Don’t touch this option
  • • Sensor Type: Select Motion Detector
  • • Sensor Name: Select an appropriate name or create a custom description
  • • Chime Type: This allows you to apply a specific sound to your device
  • • Sensor Group: Set this to 17
  • • Voice Prompts: Leave this alone


Returning Recalled Motion Detector:

Once you have successfully installed your new motion detectors, please return all recalled motion detectors to us at your earliest convenience to the following address:

Brinks Home Security
Attn: Parts Return
616 W. Bertrand Ave
St. Marys, KS 66536

If you need further assistance, you can text a Support Representative at 469.513.8685, 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm CT.