Ecolink WST-100/101/102 Key Fob Batteries

Please follow the below steps to complete your battery replacement for the following Ecolink key fob models (images can be found at the bottom of this article): WST-100 DSC, WST-101 GE, WST-102 Honeywell and WST-102 2GIG GoControl.

1. Push on the black tab, then pull the key fob up to remove it from the metal holder


2. Insert a coin into the slot on the bottom left of the unit and twist it to open


3. Slide the CR2032 battery out of its holder to remove & replace it


Ecolink key fob models, shown for reference:

004_WST-100_DSC.png 005_WST-101_GE_Keyfob.png 006_WST-102_Honeywell_Keyfob.png 007_-_WST-102_2GIG_GoControl_Keyfob.png