Motion Detector Model QS1231-840 Guide


  • Encrypted sensor when learned into IQ Panel 2, standard sensor when learned into Qolsys IQ Panel and Interlogix panels
  • 5-minute sensor lockout between activations
  • 30' x 40' coverage
  • 319.5 MHz, sends a supervisory signal every 70 minutes
  • Operating temperature 14°F to 122°F
  • RF range up to 100' to panel
  • Pet immune up to 40 pounds
  • Pet Immunity: Mount 6.5' to 7' for pet immunity, and do not point toward stairs or high furniture
  • Battery: 2 AAA 1.5-Volt Alkaline, 3 years estimated battery life

  • Compatible with the following panels:

    • Interlogix Concord
    • Interlogix NetworX NX
    • Interlogix Simon XT / XTi / XTi-5
    • Qolsys IQ Panel
    • Qolsys IQ Panel 2


Qolsys Motion Detector Model QS1231-840

Installation Steps

  1. Choose an installation location, pointing the sensor away from windows along a room's perimeter, on a flat wall free of vibrations, and optimally at a height of 7.5 feet.
  2. Open the device casing.
  3. Remove battery tabs.
  4. Mount the sensor onto the wall with screws provided.
  5. Learn into the panel.