ADC-V724 Outdoor Camera - WPS Mode Connection

To ensure there will be a sufficient Wi-Fi signal, complete these steps with the ADC-V724 camera near its final location but prior to mounting.

Installation Using WPS Mode Video

Step-by-Step Instructions:
1. Connect the camera’s AC power adapter and plug it into a non-switched outlet
2. After the startup process is complete (the camera’s LED will be blinking white), hold down the WPS/Reset button and release it when the LED begins to blink blue (about 3 seconds).
3. Activate WPS mode on your router. The camera will begin to connect to the Wi-Fi network. The LED will be solid green when the connection is complete.
4. Add the device to the account by using a web browser to access your Brinks Home App website or the Brinks Home Mobile App
5. Select the camera from the video device list or enter its MAC address to begin adding the camera. The MAC address is located on the camera or on the packaging.
6. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish adding the camera

You can now power down the camera and install it in its final location using the included hardware. You may configure camera settings from the Brinks Home App.

If you experience trouble with connecting the ADC-V724 camera while using these WPS instructions, you may try connecting via AP (Access Point) Mode.