IQ Panel 2 - Add a Kwikset Door Lock

1. Press or swipe down the clock display at the top for the Settings Tray. Press SETTINGS for User Menu, then select ADVANCED SETTINGS.

15.1.1a_Enter_Program_01_275x155.jpg 15.1.2a_Enter_Program_02_275x155.jpg 15.1.3a_Enter_Program_03_275x155.jpg

2. Enter the Installer Code (1111) or the Dealer Code (2222) to access the Installer Programming Menu. Press INSTALLATION, then DEVICES.

15.2.1a_Enter_Program_04_275x155.jpg 15.2.2a_Z-Wave_01_Installer_Menu_275x155.jpg 15.2.3a_Z-Wave_02_Devices_275x155.jpg

3. Press Z-WAVE DEVICES, then select ADD DEVICE. Press PAIR to begin the learning process.
Note: If you experience trouble with the system learning, try the clear device option. Select "clear device", then press the learn button on the device. If the clear is successful, try to re-add.

15.3.1a_Z-Wave_03_275x155.jpg 15.3.2a_Z-Wave_Add_00_Main_275x155.jpg 15.3.3a_Z-Wave_Add_01_Main_275x155.jpg

4. Press the leftmost learn button under the battery cover.

15.4.1a_Z-Wave_Add_02_Searching_275x155.jpg 15.4.2a_Z-Wave_Kwikset_Lock_Add_01_275x155.jpg 15.4.3a_Z-Wave_Kwikset_Lock_Add_01a_275x155.jpg

5. Press NAME, enter the pre-determined name or select CUSTOM NAME to choose your own name, up to 10 characters.

15.5.1a_Z-Wave_Kwikset_Lock_Add_02_Learned_275x155.jpg 15.5.2a_Z-Wave_Thermostat_Add_05_Name_275x155.jpg

6. Press CHECK or the KEYBOARD icon, select ADD to finish, then HOME to exit.

15.6.1a_Z-Wave_Thermostat_Add_07_Custom_Name_02_275x155.jpg 15.6.2a_Z-Wave_Kwikset_Lock_Add_05_Add_275x155.jpg 15.6.3a_Z-Wave_Add_09_Exit_275x155.jpg