How to replace the backup battery for the 2GIG Edge

This process will require you to have a 2GIG-EDG-BATT battery. This battery can often be purchased at your local hardware, mass retailer, or battery store.

Please follow the steps below to replace the 2GIG Edge backup battery:

1. Disconnect the transformer from the power outlet. Remove the four screws that secure the back panel, then carefully remove the back cover from the panel.


2. Carefully detach the power cable from the battery to be replaced.


3. Carefully detach the battery from the panel.


Note: You may need to apply a reasonable amount of force to separate the battery from the adhesive that holds it in place.

4. Peel off the adhesive strip from the back of the new battery.


5. Insert the new battery and attach the power cable.


6. Replace the back cover.