Connecting the Honeywell 5890 Motion Detector to the Honeywell Lynx Touch

Please follow the steps below to connect your Honeywell 5890 motion detector to the Honeywell Lynx Touch panel.

1. Press SECURITY, select the MORE tab, then press TOOLS

001a_History_01_Main_278x156.jpg 001b_History_02_Security_1_278x156.jpg 001c_History_03_Security_2_278x156.jpg

2. Enter Installer Code 4112, press PROGRAM, then ZONES

002a_Enter_Programming_04_278x156.jpg 002b_Enter_Programming_05_278x156.jpg 002c_Program_Zones_00_278x156.jpg

3. Press ADD NEW, then SERIAL NUMBER and activate the sensor to learn or enter the 7-digit serial number, then select DONE

003a_Program_Zones_01_278x156.jpg 003b_Program_Zones_02_Serial_278x156.jpg 003c_Program_Zones_02a_Serial_278x156.jpg

4. Press LOOP NUMBER to toggle loop 1, 2, 3 or 4

004a_Program_Zones_03_Loop_278x156.jpg 004b_Sensor_Loop_Numbers_326x155.png

5. Press ZONE DESCRIPTION 1 or 2, enter the first letter of the word, press the UP or DOWN arrows to select the word, then press DONE

005a_Program_Zones_04_Name_278x156.jpg 005b_Program_Zones_04a_Name_278x156.jpg

6. Press DEVICE TYPE, then select sensor type

006a_Program_Zones_05_Type_278x156.jpg 006bv2_Program_Zones_05a_Type_278x156.jpg 006c_Program_Zones_05b_Type_278x156.jpg

7. Press RESPONSE TYPE, then select response

007a_Program_Zones_06_Response_278x156.jpg 007b_Program_Zones_06a_Response_278x156.jpg 007c_Program_Zones_06b_Response_278x156.jpg

8. Select your preferred options for each Sensor Report, Chime, and Supervision, then press SAVE to exit

008a_Program_Zones_07_Other_278x156.jpg 008b_Program_Zones_08_278x156.jpg